Vico “Pilhar”

Many agencies strive to fully utilize their own teams. However, this also reduces the flexibility that is often necessary for new customer requests. Cocomore, an agency for marketing, IT and experience design, creates this flexibility with the help of a Vico, which is available at short notice and enables long-term growth for Cocomore.

The Challenge

Because of its reputation for Drupal projects, Cocomore is constantly gaining new customers who request this technology.

However, Cocomore’s Drupal teams are fully booked with current customers and projects.

Building an internal “standby” team is too expensive and risky, so ad hoc requests have mostly been rejected. In the long term, though, this prevents further growth.

The Answer

Vicoland proposed 3 Drupal Vicos to Cocomore, from which Cocomore chose the Vico Pilhar after getting to know them.

The partnership began with smaller projects Cocomore outsourced to Pilhar.

Meanwhile, Pilhar works continuously on a retainer basis on several projects for Cocomore and also handles complete projects.

To sum it up

  • Building a “stand-by” team without fixed costs.
  • Quick start: One week from request to the start of the first project.
”Outsourcing to Vicos helps us to scale project capacity as well as know-how even more rapidly. This allows us to cover more demand from our clients – agile and fast."
Marc Kutschera, Managing Director 

Vico “Pilhar”

“I like to serve the niche of smart structured, well and custom designed presentations.”

Stefan P.

Project Manager and Instructional Designer
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