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Daniel Müller – new Director of SAP Services at Vicoland

Vicoland continues to expand its SAP business and adds former SAP employee Daniel Müller to its Team.

Mark Saul – new CEO for Vicoland responsible for the SAP business

Vicoland wins Mark Saul as Co-CEO for SAP Services. Read more about Mark, his career path & expertise.

Revolutionizing the SAP consulting business: example of the Vico “SAP W-DFS”.

The Vico Lead, Marcel Wagner had already started his own consulting business as a freelance consultant about ten years ago. "I like taking responsibility," Marcel says. "Another plus is the flexibility."

“Vicoland will compete with major professional service firms worldwide”

Balint Gyorvari, Entrepreneur in Residence at Vicoland, on the fascination and future potential of the platform

Vicoland: Macroeconomic Viewpoint

Vicoland stands for better, more affordable projects through Vicos (Virtual Companies), a new type of service provider. This practical benefit has a theoretical background closely linked to the ideas of Nobel laureate Ronald Coase.

Threat? No way! Why Vicos (Virtual Companies) benefit from AI

Artificial intelligence can perform many tasks faster and even more reliably. This brings significant productivity improvements to companies. Freelancers can also be winners if they harness the new possibilities correctly. 

Faster and more convenient: Vicoland integrates ChatGPT

Customers and freelancers benefit because it is now much easier to create requests and offers. Our Head of Product, Andras Habsburg-Lothringen, explains exactly how this has been implemented on the Vicoland platform and which functions have been introduced.

“Vicoland can cause real disruption in the consulting business.”

IT specialist Henrike Scharnhorst on working in the male-dominated domain of SAP and the advantages of cooperating with Vicoland.

“You can take on projects that you normally wouldn’t have staff for.”

Web developer Alexander Schell on being able to take on projects he wouldn't normally have resources for and how Vicoland helps him scale his own business.

Meet the Experts: External Workforce Management Trends

Exciting news! Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg, David Obadia and Henrike Scharnhorst will be attending the SAP networking event in Frankfurt-Eschborn on March 31, 2023. Rgister here:

Vicoland strengthens SAP expertise with Henrike Scharnhorst 

Vicoland wins Henrike Scharnhorst as Managing Partner for SAP Services. Read more about Henrike, her career path & expertise.

Shortage of skilled workers for digital projects? How the Virtual Companies help.

Shortage of skilled workers, projects that can't be implemented and how the Human Cloud & Vicoland can help you. Learn more in the following article.

“We hit two birds with one stone”

How Vicoland wants to solve the digital workforce problem. Our founder Hans von Freyberg and our CEO Central Europe Marco Seiler in an interview with HORIZONT.

“We see ourselves as somewhere between Tinder and SAP in terms of user experience.”

Our Head of Product András Habsburg-Lothringen in an interview about the Vicoland platform, what else awaits us here & about his career path.

Vicoland Amongst Top 7 Freelance Marketplaces

Some estimates predict the majority of the US workforce will be freelancing by 2027. Freelance marketplaces are the driving force

Two Exciting New Team-Based Freelance Platforms

Meet Vicoland, a great example of a hunter operating from Frankfurt but supporting corporates and startups broadly.

Vicoland partners with KellyOCG, one of the largest MSPs worldwide.

Enabling enterprise services procurement via the human cloud.

Vicoland now available on SAP® Store.

By integrating with SAP® Fieldglass® solutions, Vicoland’s solution delivers cost-efficient, high-quality professional services to customers.