Read how Vicoland helped Tupperware to quickly added an external marketing team.
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Tupperware needed to quickly add an external marketing team to meet the ambitious deadline

Vicoland handpicked an expert digital marketing team for us, which started immediately saving us time, money & effort compared to agency offers.”

— Dominic Stenzel, Director Digital Commerce EMEA


Find the right team to support the launch of their e-commerce shop in several EU countries

The timeline was very tight which is why traditional agencies were not an option and the team needed to start immediately at 100%


Vicoland proposed a Vico within 4 days including local marketing experts for FR with e-commerce industry experience

Tupperware listed Vicoland as a supplier enabling the company to work with multiple Vicos while reducing administrative effort

The scope is aligned month after a month and flexibly adjusted to the current needs

Result / KPI

Onboarded expert team with local & industry knowledge within 10 days

Flexible adjustments of scope based on real-time demand

~30% cost savings compared to potential other agency offers

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