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The go-live of the webshop was coming closer, but there was still a need for the right expertise and manpower in online marketing. In cooperation with Vicoland, the kitchen and housewares manufacturer Tupperware found the right team of experts in no time, to ensure that the launch date was met without any problems.

The Challenge

Shortly before the planned launch of the French webshop, Tupperware was faced with decreased online marketing capacity.

Postponing the launch date was not an option, so the company needed immediate project management, content management, marketing and design support.

Working with traditional agencies would have been a risk to the launch date – they would not have been able to staff appropriate teams in time, and were also very inflexible about the project scope, which could not have been clearly defined at that point.

The Answer

With help from the Vicoland Managing Partner, the most urgent requirements were defined and Tupperware had the opportunity to meet three possible Vicos within 4 days.

Tupperware chose the Vico nutz, which already had experience in launching e-commerce stores.

Within 7 days, the Vico was onboarded and flexibly handled the most urgent tasks until the successful launch.

After the launch, Tupperware switched to a maintenance contract with the Vico, which ensures the continued smooth operation of the online store as well as ongoing optimization.

To sum it up

  • 30 % savings for Tupperware compared to traditional agencies.
  • Starting the project with an experienced team within 7 days.
  • Highest flexibility of project scope and subsequent maintenance contract.
”Vicoland handpicked an expert digital marketing team for us, which started immediately saving us time, money & effort compared to agency offers."
Dominic Stenzel, Director Digital Commerce EMEA Tupperware

Vico “nutz | Your Marketing Experts”

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