Vico “kreadea”

Reacting quickly is often a crucial factor for new business ideas. With an agile Design & Development Vico, Colliers, a real estate service provider, was able to respond to new market realities with an application in record time.

The Challenge

The market opportunity was quickly identified, but needed a full team to develop a new web application.

Quotes from agencies did not meet the time requirements and were also very expensive.

The Answer

After meeting, Colliers decided on one of several suitable Vicos with appropriate creative and technical expertise.

The Vico kreadea worked with Colliers to develop the milestones to ensure quality and meet deadlines.

Even after handover of the project, the Vico was still available for any change requests.

To sum it up

  • The Vico implemented the project 70% faster than it was offered by common agencies.
  • Colliers received the offer within 3 days.
  • Even after the handover, the Vico is still available as a partner and for maintenance tasks.
”Vicoland immediately found us a team which also was available for maintenance projects, at better cost than our incumbent agencies.”
Franziska Graeser, Business Analyst Colliers International

Vico “kreadea”

“We create professional HTML5 designs for businesses of all sizes.”

Leif B.

Webdesigner, HTML Developer

Ilya L.

Senior Javascript Framework Specialist

Nikita P.

Technical Manager

Ralf S.

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