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Explore our library of Vicoland and industry resources about the transformation of the professional services industry, innovations in managing SOW contracts and worker misclassification protection possibilities

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Explore our library of Vicoland and industry resources about the transformation of the professional services industry, innovations in managing SOW contracts and IR35 protection possibilities

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The new IR35 regulations as well as false self-employment issues in Germany try to tackle tax avoidance by the workers as well as the companies hiring them, who provide their services to clients via an intermediary. Sounds complicated? It is, but basically you will be at risk, if you directly work together with external workers through an intermediary.

Silke Becker, a well known legal advisor in the contingent workforce industry & the ex Head of legal at Hays AG, shows how forming your contingent workforce to teams will efficiently protect you against these new extra tax burdens.

This was specifically prepared for German case law, however it can also find application to the new IR35 regulations in the UK.

In the whitepaper, you will find out

  • why sourcing freelancers in teams avoids complications with IR35 & false self-employment
  • why your current contingent worker relations expose you to tax & legal risks
  • what is the solution to still engage with your external workforce within the parameters of IR35

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The contingent workforce market industry sees an increasing shift to SOW rather than time & material based spend. This is because clients have more transparency and control in their SOW spend compared to their time & material spend. However, only few VMS in today’s CW market are able to efficiently manage SOW spend. Still, the SOW spend conducted with agencies is a much larger share than the CW spend of companies.

The lack of functionalities & liability problem in SOW contracts have so far prevented VMS & MSPs from entering this market. Through Vicoland, leading VMS & MSPs get better benchmarking, milestone tracking and native SOW creation inside their tools to offer to clients.

In the report, you will find out

  • how the Vicoland software can enable you to get more SOW spend under management
  • how easy it is to integrate the software into your system via our API
  • the advantages it can give you to also manage the SOW of agencies

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Jon Younger is the Founder of Agile Talent Collaborative, author of several books including “Agile Talent,” a Forbes contributor and has taught at the University of Michigan, the Indian School of Business, and the Copenhagen School of Business.

In January 2021, Jon Younger PhD teamed up with the University of Toronto to create the Global Survey on Freelancing, the first significant, global collaborative survey of freelancing. In total, 77 freelance platforms, agencies and professional communities contributed as research partners and 1900 freelancers from 30 countries took part in the survey.

In this study, you’ll find out

  • Key insights from the survey results
  • Accompanying research
  • Survey questionnaire

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