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Enabling enterprises to procure professional services via the human cloud
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Enabling enterprise services procurement via the human cloud

The human cloud evolves to teams – but how can enterprises benefit from this?

We are addressing exactly this issue with KellyOCG. Kelly, one of the largest managed service providers worldwide, is responsible for managing the contingent workforce of multinational companies. This includes sourcing, contracting, managing, and paying external labour. However, complex projects requiring a team rather than a single resource are so far not managed by Kelly. This is the territory of traditional professional services companies such as Accenture, IBM, Infosys, or Cognizant. Unfortunately, they are often not the best possible supplier for these projects. Especially when they are time- and budget-critical. Due to their organizational overhead corporates cannot escape the forced inflexibility.

In cooperation with Kelly, we offer clients facing these issues a solution. Sourcing projects from one of our Vicos (freelance teams) directly through your usual sourcing infrastructure. We have made it possible for enterprises to combine their contingent and SOW spend within Helix and track/manage everything in one interface. Clients get access to a marketplace of specialized SOW professional service providers with the cost- and flexibility benefit of freelance talent and organizational stability of a real firm.

Therefore, if you are working with Kelly, make sure to try out one of our Vicos and let the results convince you! Request one of our Vicos today!

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