Faster and more convenient: Vicoland integrates ChatGPT

Customers and freelancers benefit from the significantly easier creation of inquiries and offers.

It was already very straightforward to find the right teams for IT projects via Vicoland. However, with the help of artificial intelligence, customers and Vicos can now find each other even faster. The platform has integrated ChatGPT to facilitate both the RFP process, i.e., the creation of requests for proposals, and the preparation of offers. This benefits both clients and freelancers.

Customers can use the Vicoland briefing tool to describe their needs in two to three sentences. Based on this, the AI creates a structured RFP that can then be further edited. The brief can also be revised to generate an alternative suggestion from the AI. The AI then directly suggests the team skills that are necessary for the project. This way, matching with the appropriate teams becomes much easier, especially if customers are not well versed in a technical discipline. “The bottom line is that companies now only need five to ten minutes to get the request for a free quote underway” explains Vicoland product head András Habsburg-Lothringen.

Input screen for the request: A few sentences are enough – then the AI takes over

The ChatGPT feature also brings many advantages to the freelancers organized within the Vicos. They can create proposals tailored to the customer’s RFP in a matter of minutes. This is made possible through the performance descriptions already set up in the Vicoland platform. This includes automated contract creation based on the proposal, automated invoicing and payment based on the proposal information, integration with project management systems, and much more. The Vicos can send their customized proposals directly to the customers through the platform – a matching process couldn’t be faster.

Customers receive an offer with specific services and prices in a short period of time.

“This is done through an API integration with an instantiated version of GPT3.5 that has been specifically trained and continues to be trained for Vicoland purposes,” explains András. The instantiation and content filtering are crucial in this process. “Through instantiation, we can further optimize GPT3.5 specifically for the requirements of Vicoland users,” says András. “By using content filtering, we prevent critical user data from being leaked. Our features remain GDPR-compliant.” The integration of the AI tool is continuously being developed.

What motivated Vicoland to take this step? “We want to transform the professional services market by bridging the gap between enterprise projects and freelancer teams,” says András. AI can help maximize the platform’s potential. Until now, companies often missed out on attractive outsourcing opportunities because creating a briefing requires some effort. By reducing this initial effort to a minimum, AI allows customers to improve their decision-making process,” András explains.

In addition, when it comes to urgent projects, response speed can be crucial. “This has already been a strength of our Vicos,” emphasizes András. “But it can be further enhanced with AI.” Even complex offers can now be defined and presented to customers much faster.

A crucial aspect is compliance. Vicoland already provides a strong foundation in this regard, such as an automated check for false self-employment. Furthermore, through AI-based documentation of agreed-upon services, the platform avoids tasks being ambiguously distributed or described, which often leads to legal disputes. Even tasks within an ongoing project can be defined within seconds using simple bullet points through the Vicoland platform. Since everything is natively integrated on the platform, the documentation remains intact and can be used in court if necessary.

AI enthusiast: Vicoland’s Head of Product, András Habsburg-Lothringen

And what’s next? “In the medium to long term, the goal is to create best practices for all parties involved,” András announces. “Based on the created RFPs and offers, we can analyze which projects were successful and which ones failed. This allows us to continuously optimize the models. Thus, we enable better RFPs and offers for all projects.”

Vicoland also expects that AI tools will be particularly supportive for new Vico leads who are taking their first steps towards enterprise projects. This will make it easier for them to take on the entrepreneurial responsibility of their own Vico.

The AI-driven features of Vicoland are already live and available to all users of the platform.

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