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It’s time that cloud projects become less costly to enable an even faster adoption than ever seen
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Bringing the world to the cloud – cheaper, faster, and with higher quality.

It’s time that cloud projects become less costly to enable an even faster adoption than ever seen

If you have ever done a project with Vicoland you know the advantages of working with us. Our Virtual Companies (“Vicos”) are more cost-efficient, more agile, and much faster than traditional professional services firms. This is because they do not carry overhead and they benefit from Vicoland’s smart contracting and payment functionalities. It is a win-win for clients and Vicos.

Covid has boosted digitization of enterprises so that more and more companies are entering the cloud. Vicoland already had a lot of Vicos with depth knowledge of the cloud – ranging from migration to security, machine learning, or data warehousing. Specifically, in dealing with AWS. Therefore, it was just natural for us to enter a partnership with AWS. Meaning that Vicos would work hand in hand with AWS clients to make their cloud projects a success – at a better cost, speed, and quality. Through Vicoland marketplace AWS clients can get access to various teams with the needed expertise for specific projects. Most of our Vicos hold AWS certifications and they are constantly expanding their horizon through collaboration with other Vicos.

How do I find the perfect team for my project?

If you have a project request involving AWS, simply tell us your requirements and one of our AWS client partners will match you with the right Vico.

Vicoland is very happy to partner with AWS and to help drive the adoption towards the cloud at a more affordable price while assuring even higher quality. So, what are you waiting for? Request your AWS cloud Vico today and start your journey.

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