SAP newGL to S/4HANA migration

Vico “Finpas”

Our international customer with production facilities on three continents had to bring its financial accounting in SAP into the 21st century in a short time and during ongoing operations. Vico Finpas mastered this challenge brilliantly in the allotted time.

The problem

The customer from the automotive supplier industry was looking to upgrade their SAP R/3 to SAP S/4HANA. Financial accounting ran on an old version and was not compatible with an upgrade to S/4HANA. In order to minimize the risk of switching to S/4HANA and accelerate the project lead time, the customer decided to upgrade financial accounting to the SAP new General Ledger (“SAP newGL”) as a first step and, at the same time, to upgrade parallel accounting according to IFRS and local GAAP.
To do this, they needed a partner who could carry out the change quickly and smoothly.

The solution

Through Vicoland, the customer found a Vico who not only provided experts for the conversion to SAP newGL, but could also provide technical advice on accounting. Over a project period of nine months, the concept was developed, the migration was tested and carried out and all users in Europe, China and the USA were trained in the new functionalities.

The Challenge


The German car manufacturer commissioned a global consultancy for its SAP S/4HANA transformation. However, the transformation with the traditional service partner was slow and costly. In addition, several product owners were needed internally for the various modules used.

The Answer


Via Vicoland, the customer was able to access a Vico team with extensive industry experience in the automotive sector. The 15-strong German Vico team consisted of product owners for the individual modules, project managers, migration experts and SAP S/4HANA consultants. Thanks to Vico’s successful collaboration with the customer, the team was quickly scaled and the project expanded to include additional areas.

About Verisure

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Company Size:

15.000 employees

Teamway size:

4 members

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  • Project completed within 9 months.

  • Roll-out and training in all target markets.

  • 20% cost advantage realized over traditional providers.

  • Further collaboration in an intercompany optimization project.

“The team was able to react very flexibly to the project challenges and was able to meet all customer requirements.”

Henrike Scharnhorst, Managing Partner SAP Services

Vico ” Flnish & CO’

We are an experienced team of SAP specialists who focus on the
financial sector in the production and logistics industry

Thomas R.
SAP Project manager
experience :TBD
Responsibility in the Project

Daniel F.
FI Senior Consultant
experience :TBD
Responsibility in the Project

Mia S.
SAP CO Expert
experience :TBD
Responsibility in the Project

Manuel H.

FI Consultant
experience :TBD
Responsibility in the Project

Ron R.

SAP CO Consultant
experience :TBD
Responsibility in the Project

Tim O.

SAP Logistic Expert
experience :TBD
Responsibility in the Project

Vico finden

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