Learn how Vicoland helped queo staff for ongoing and new projects.
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queo had problems to staff ongoing projects and new pitches at the same time

Vicoland advised us in finding experienced Vicos to support our website maintenance projects, pitch preparation and usual software projects.”

— André Pinkert, Managing Director


queo had problems staffing a new project due to booking of resources on ongoing projects

The project required development and design expertise with one PM contact acting as queo. Thus, orchestrating single freelancers was not an option and would have been too expensive


queo met two different Vicos and evaluated with Vicoland which one fits best

Vico members were onboarded to the project (got e-mail addresses of queo, access to Jira etc.)

Now, the Vico works on a retainer basis aligning extra efforts with queo based on specific scopes and acts as queo towards end-client


1 week from the first call to commencement of work

After the first project, working with 3 Vicos for 3 different projects

Same margin on new business while internal employees focus on core projects

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