Learn how OMMAX freed up internal resources for core projects through Vicoland.
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OMMAX freed up internal resources for core projects by subcontracting secondary projects to Vico

Working with Vicoland gives us the opportunity to flexibly expand our team when we need it.”

— Marie Bossecker, Senior Consultant


UX/UI design team of OMMAX suddenly received requests from multiple ongoing projects

The team needed immediate support with the option to quickly up- and downscale the amount of support

A mix of junior and senior designers was needed to optimize spent


Vicoland proposed 3 design Vicos with prior agency experience

OMMAX started with one Vico for a small test project, then upscaled the intensity of cooperation

Vicoland constantly checks on the quality delivered of Vico to ensure project quality


3 Vico proposals within 48 hours

One new Vico member onboarded for changing project requirements

Better margin on Vico projects while internal employees focus on core clients

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