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Learn how DDI built a platform from scratch.
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DDI found a team that not only designed and built a platform but also advised them on the needed requirements

The Vico built the platform from scratch – they managed to translate our rough ideas into an easy-to-use tool. The result is simply great.”

— Dr. Oliver Marusczyk, Project Manager


Deutsches Dialog Institut (DDI) had an idea in mind, however, was not sure if and how this idea could really be implemented

They needed a team that would also take care of the maintenance of the platform after implementation


The client and Vico worked closely together to develop a concept for the platform

The Vico recruited team members from its own network to offer the client all platform-related services from one hand

The client and Vico are in constant contact to keep the platform up to date even months after implementation


RFP to development start in less than 48 hours

Full service: UX & visual design, front- & backend development, setup, hosting, maintenance

30% more cost-efficient than the offer of a digital agency

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