We are the bridge between clients and human cloud teams

We are the bridge between clients and human cloud teams​

Our purpose

There is nothing more practical than a good theory. Vicoland is based on Ronald Coase’s theory on the nature of the firm, published in 1937. It says that organizing work in firms makes sense when to-dos are too complex to organize them through market exchanges. Applied to professional services this has meant traditionally: tasks can go to freelancers, projects go to firms. We wanted to shift the balance to freelancers. 


Such a shift has become a necessity and an opportunity. Changes in society and technology have raised the share of the workforce choosing a freelance life. Still, so far, the freelance side has not offered what clients need for enterprise level projects: well organized, contractually secure, compliant and financially sound teams. So traditionally, that has been the realm of firms. A realm based on overhead and hierarchies. A realm with a shrinking supply of talent. But a realm.


Vicoland does not destroy the realm. It opens it to the growing human cloud. And to new, lean and agile ways of working. This is how we create value for our sector and the economy at large.

Meet the Team

Alen Osmanovic

Frontend Lead

Alexander Wipf

Vicoland Consulting Service – Strategy

Andreas Brueckner

Vicoland Consulting Service – Tech

András Habsburg-Lothringen

Head of Product

Antanas Cikanauskas

Product Designer

Bohdan Shcherbak

Fullstack developer

Christoph Riebling

Vicoland Consulting Service – Creative

Daniel Lahav

Vicoland Consulting Service

Elmir Bekic

Fullstack developer

Ghanim Zoghbi

Product developer

Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg

Chief Executive Officer

Heinrich Solf

Vicoland Consulting Service

Ivan Vuksanov

Product Designer

Javier Diaz

Backend Lead

Josef Nevoral

Chief Technology Officer

Julian Sotek

Vicoland Consulting Service

Niklas Lieb

Vicoland Consulting Service – Americas

Pia Goehringer

Vicoland Consulting Service – Europe

Prikshit Rao

Vicoland Consulting Service

Vinicio Oliveira

IT Project Manager


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